Get The Very Best Heating and Cooling for Your Edmonton Home With American Standard

Aside from the great consumer demand for American Standard HVAC products, we happily distribute American Standard models because we know them to be a solid company built on a firm legacy. Remember we are a professional HVAC company so we know quality when we see it. American Standard has been creating residential HVAC appliances for over 130 years. With the family of American Standard products, we are able to help customers:

  • Choose the Perfect Product For Their Home – Whether you are interested in an air conditioner or a high-efficiency furnace, we will conduct an in-depth home analysis to determine the capacity need level of your residence. American Standard makes heat pumps, gas furnaces, central AC units and much more so we are certain we can help you find the appliance perfect for your residential needs.
  • Save The Most Possible Money – With AC units like the AccuComfort Variable Speed Platinum 20 Air Conditioner which offers a SEER rating of 21 and the Platinum ZM Air Conditioner that can save you up to 60% on your energy consumption, we are able to customize your cooling output while saving you the most possible money on your utilities.
  • Improve Air Quality in Their Homes – Are you struggling with interior air that is too dry or too humid? With the advancements of American Standard products like humidifiers and furnaces outfitted with Comfort-R technology, we can effectively help you achieve the perfect balance of moisture and dryness in your home.
  • Control Internal Temperatures Accurately – American Standard has been paving the way for smart technology and applying it to residential heating and cooling. Their AccuLink Communication thermostat technology and Nexia brand home automation systems make it easy for you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature even when you are not even home.

American Standard offers it all: great value, sufficient and balanced heating and cooling, convenience, variety and savings. American Standard has also been the recipient of many prestigious industry awards including but not limited to most reliable gas furnace in 2013, most reliable heat pumps and air conditioners in 2012 and 2014 and number one in reliable performance for heating and air conditioning in 2001.

Highlighted American Standard Products

American Standard makes all kinds of high quality HVAC products for residential properties and the following is a breakdown of some of their products that we carry.

Air Conditioning

1. Gold 17 Air Conditioner – The Gold 17 model air conditioner provides sufficient cooling power at a very affordable cost. It features a SEER rating of up to 18.00 which makes it a great value and still highly efficient. Remember that the minimum for any AC unit to be considered efficient is a SEER rating of 14.00.

2. Silver 16 Air Conditioner – This model may help you qualify for government rebates of up to $650. It’s efficiency, cooling power and quiet operation makes it ideal for homeowners looking for a combination of value, and comfort.

3. AccuComfort Variable Speed Platinum Air Conditioner – Considered one of the higher end models, the AccuComfort Variable Speed Platinum line offers multi-staged cooling to help you save the maximum amount of energy while offering the utmost in cooling customization.


1. Platinum 95 Furnace – The platinum 95 furnace can be remotely programmed and monitored making for unparalleled convenience.

2. Silver 95 Furnace – The Silver 95 furnace delivers an AFUE rating of 95% which means 95% of the energy that goes into the unit will be used to actually heat your home.

3. American Standard 92 Furnace – If you are looking for comfortable heating on a budget then the American Standard 92 Furnace may be the right choice for you. While it is significantly inexpensive than comparable models, it is still capable of 92% efficiency.

Working With Us

Dealing with us when you are looking to upgrade your cooling or heating system will make you privy to great value, one of the best dealer warranties in the industry and of course our team of certified HVAC technicians. We offer financing and rental programs to better suit your unique situations and you can get a free quote from us simply by calling or filling out our online quote form. Talk to us about the American Standard products we have available today!

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