The Benefits of Converting to A Natural Gas BBQ

One thing you may have noticed if you are an avid griller is how large and powerful outdoor grills are becoming. This may be something of an intriguing trend for all the carnivores out there but it bears taking note that bigger and more powerful grills require bigger and more powerful fuel supplies.

As modern grills demand more energy, it becomes all the more impractical to run them off of propane tanks. Gas station bought propane tanks aren’t getting any bigger which means you will have to make more trips to get the fuel you need. This is why many Edmonton residents are converting their propane BBQ’s to natural gas BBQ’s.


The Advantages of BBQ Conversions

The customers who have called us out for conversion work have expressed satisfaction with their decision and here are just a few of the reasons they typically cite:

  • Cost of Use – Natural gas is actually less powerful than propane but did you know that it is cheaper than propane by a sixth? This means that you will use 6 times as more natural gas but it will still cost you about 3 times as less as using propane.
  • Cleaner Burning – You can actually taste the advantage that natural gas has over propane when used to grill food. Natural gas burns much cleaner than propane and many people say that they can easily taste the difference. Also, because natural gas burns cleaner, it is better for the environment. Who says you can’t be a meat eater and eco-friendly at the same time?
  • Reliability – One of the best things about converting your BBQ to natural gas is that you can always count on a regular supply of fuel. Conversions hook up your grill to your home’s natural gas line and as long as the gas company is still in business, so will your grill.
  • Convenience – Have you ever been in the middle of a BBQ when all of a sudden your flames start to grow weaker and weaker? Only the most diligent grillers check their propane tanks every single time before they start cooking but running out of propane in the middle of a cook-out is something you will never have to worry about when you convert your grill to natural gas. No more trips to the gas station to refill your tank and no more worry.
  • Safety – Natural gas grills run off of a different kind of regulator than propane fueled BBQ’s and are much safer to operate. Natural gas is not as highly pressured as propane tanks are.


Why You Should Trust A Professional To Make The Conversion

So you are ready to start cooking with natural gas but do you attempt the conversion yourself or do you hire a professional. While many people may tell you that the conversion is easy to do yourself you should never mess around with your gas line if you are not qualified.

First of all, converting your BBQ yourself can land you in all kinds of hot water. There are strict codes and building statutes in place in Edmonton that must be adhered to in order to pass inspections not to mention to avoid hefty fines. A professional service like ours will be up on all these codes.

Secondly, natural gas leaks are very hard to detect as natural gas has no strong odor. This can spell danger for you, your home and your family. Our company will ensure that your conversion does not incur any dangerous gas leaks.

Lastly, if you wish to get the most out of your grill and natural gas conversion, you should definitely hire a certified technician. You may not know whether you need a hard copper tubing connection to your line or if you can fit a bayonet at the end of the line to a tube that runs to your conversion kit. It all depends on placement and permanence and in order to get the best results for your conversion you should hire a professional.

We Offer Secure and Affordable Natural Gas BBQ Conversion Services

We have been converting propane grills to natural gas grills in Edmonton and the surrounding areas for a very long time and our customers trust us because we are fully certified and licensed. Also, we offer some of the best prices whether you want to convert to natural gas or hook your BBQ up to your existing large home propane tank. Give us a call to get a free estimate!



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