Harnessing the Modern Power of Boilers and Combi Boilers for Your Edmonton Home

The latest advancements in boiler technology has made it so that next generation models offer the utmost in quiet, efficient and clean heating for residential properties. If you have an old boiler or a furnace that is more than a decade old you are most likely paying much more than you need to be in fuel and energy costs and not getting even heating in your home.

There are many good reasons to have a boiler or combi (combination) boiler installed in your home.

Here Is How Boilers Can Benefit You

If you are tired of being woken up by your furnace at all hours of the night then you will find the super-quiet operation of a boiler or combi boiler suitable for your needs.

Boilers and especially combi boilers that are a water heating and central heating system in one, are very space-efficient. They take much less space than traditional heaters which is perfect for
apartments and other small living spaces.

Boilers are much easier to install than traditional furnaces. There is no pipe work or tank utilization that is required to install a boiler which means that installations are much quicker and are much more affordable. You can call us any time to get an accurate and free quote for your boiler installation.

Since there is no pipe work involved in boiler heating systems they are able to deliver heated water at a high level of pressure.

Boilers are also much safer than other home heating choices because there is no tank or fuel being used so there is no risk of fires or explosions.

What Makes the Operation of Boilers Superior to Other Heating Methods?

Since we have already gone over the advantages that highly-efficient ENERGY STAR certified boilers and combination boilers bring to the table, we would also like to inform you on how these units
are able to deliver such incredible results.

AFUE Rating – AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency and it is the rating system by which the efficiency of energy consumption is rated. Boilers are rated based on this system with the best models from trusted brands clocking in at an amazing 95% AFUE rating or higher. This means that 95% of the energy going into your boiler is being used with only 5% or lower of the fuel going to waste.

Boilers and Combi Boilers – The difference between a regular boiler and a combi, or combination, boiler is that a combination boiler is at once a hot water heater and central heating boilers. Futhermore, combi boilers do not require hot water cylinders which saves a ton of space.

BTU Ratings – BTU input and output are also very important to the functions of a high-efficiency boiler. The BTU input is the amount of energy going into a boiler system while the output is the actual amount of heat produced by the unit. Newer boilers will have a BTU input/output ratio of nearly 100%. These are the kinds of boilers you will want to invest in as they offer the most savings in the long-term.

Of course, you should always ask questions and make sure that the boiler model and brand you are considering is ENERGY STAR certified and produces the BTU output necessary to heat your home. Boilers can be a great heating system option for your home but make sure you choose a quality product and a dependable contracting service like ours.

Keep An Eye Out For These Brands

The best manufacturers of boilers and combination boilers will have multiple models that have high-efficiency ENERGY STAR ratings. Here are just some such brands that we carry.

Rinnai offers many high quality models that are able to work in a variety of residential settings. Many customers coming from a myriad of home situations find the product they are in need of with Rinnai.

Bradford White is a respected company that keeps up with the latest NAECA regulations. They have many different models that deliver up to 95% efficiency and BTU ratios of up to 80,000 – 210,00.

Carrier products range widely in AFUE ratings which may be helpful if you are looking to buy a high-quality boiler on a budget.

The best thing about all the brands that we carry is that they are all backed by installation and labour warranties. This is why so many people in Edmonton choose to work with us when they are ready to install a boiler or combi boiler in their home. You will find our technicians to be skillful, our service to be dependable and our prices to be affordable.

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