The Innovation of The Bradford White Company

Some of the best and most technologically advanced water heaters on the Canadian market are made by Bradford White. Bradford White’s name has become synonymous with sophisticated water heater systems so if easy control, precise energy-consumption and tight temperature differentials are deal-breakers for you, Bradford White is definitely the way to go.

Some Exciting Features of Bradford White Products

As far as innovation goes, the list of breakthroughs that Bradford White can be credited with goes on and on but the following list should give you a good understanding of what their high-end products bring to the table.

The Icon System – The Icon System is a very intuitive control system that handles numerous functions of Bradford White water heaters. The control panel is very compact and features an easy to read “pilot on” light that alerts you when the pilot is on or off. There is also a microprocessor on board to manage the burner so you can precisely control the temperature of your water supply.

The Icon System is also great for diagnostics troubleshooting and installation. It stores 10 different diagnostic codes so that you or your contractor can quickly and accurately pinpoint the cause of any issue you may be facing.

Defender Safety System – Safety of operation is also a big concern at Bradford White. Their water heaters feature a flame arrestor that effectively traps any flammable vapors that may become ignited in the combustion chamber.

This system also ensures long-running efficiency, longevity of the entire product and makes for very low NOx emissions.

The Hydrojet System – Bradford White water heaters come equipped with patented Hydrojet technology which in general, provides an even temperature of the water stored in the tank. This means you will not experience colder patches of water in-between an otherwise steady flow of water like you do with inferior water heaters.

Sediment buildup is a factor that can contribute to uneven heating of your tanked water supply but the Hydrojet system creates a streaming flow of water that mixes water and prevents this sediment from building up. The result is consistently hot water and a longer lasting water heater since the unit doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain a large supply of water at the desired temperature.

Outstanding Products From the Bradford White Company

Bradford White represents the culmination of a century of water ehating advancements. They offer tons of benefits for your home and the environment as a whole. Bradford White is dedicated to low emissions and high-efficiency. Of course, many of their products are EnergyStar certified and here are a few that we are proud to carry.

  • Ultra Low Nox Gas Models – These water heaters are ideal for those concerned with their carbon footprint because they emit 75% less NOx than other comparable water heaters. There are no CFC foam products used in the Ultra Low Nox Models and they come with the aforementioned Icon and Hydrojet systems.
  • High Efficiency Upright Models – If you are looking for an upright electric water heater you can do no better than the High Efficiency Upright Model. This model offers the best value in long-term use and low operating costs. Electric water heaters in general can save you up to 50% on your heating bills and with features like heat traps, dielectric waterway fittings and fully automatic controls, you can very well save even more.
  • Infiniti Tankless Water Heaters – Of course, Bradford White offers a line of highly- efficient tankless water heaters that achieve .95 Energy Factors. These models can pump out up to 199,000 BTUs and feature active bypass for total temperature stability.

These are just a few of the fine products made by Bradford White and we would be happy to offer you a free quote if you are considering these or any other water heater.

Finance or Rent From Us For Exclusive Deals

When you finance a Bradford White water heater from us you may qualify for 0% interest deals. You can choose how long a term you would like to spread your payments out up to 15 years.

With our rental program you will save money with free installation, no upfront costs and full warranty coverage including repairs, installation and even unit replacements. All of our installations are handled by certified technicians so you won’t have to compromise a thing when you deal with us. Call us very soon to get a free quote.

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