Carrier: The Company Changing the Way We Heat and Cool Our Homes

Carrier is a company that does not rely on the accomplishments of its past to keep their name at the forefront of residential HVAC technology. They have built a legacy on innovation and technology and offer some of the most advanced residential cooling and heating systems on the market. Our highly-trained support staff will be able to fill you in on the Carrier product you are looking at and offer you a free quote but you can read on to find out about some of the significant ways that Carrier has changed the way we heat and cool our homes.

Innovation: Carrier has one of the best teams of HVAC engineers in the business and they are always pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible in regards to home heating and cooling.

This innovation manifests itself in some of the patented technologies that Carrier has pioneered. Take their Greenspeed enabled products for example. Greenspeed is the culmination of their infinity series products which modulates furnaces and heat pumps with intelligent infinity control. What this allows for is an incredibly smart HVAC product which is able to adapt itself based on outside temperature by varying from 40% capacity to 100% capacity. This means that your Greenspeed enabled Carrier product will only use as much energy as is necessary to heat or cool your home.

If you are more interested in a ductless heating or cooling system, you should know that Greenspeed Carrier products operate with 69% more efficiency than ducted and other traditional HVAC systems.

This kind of innovation and precise temperature control allows for optimal use of your energy as well as even, sufficient and comfortable heating and cooling.

Total Climate Control: For Carrier, a comfortable home goes far beyond simply controlling the temperature. They are a company always looking to the future and they know that factors like air quality play a huge part of how you live, love and work in your home.

Having cleaner and fresher air has a huge impact on the health of you and your family. Airborne germs, bacteria, dander and other pollutants can easily find their way into your home though your HVAC system and ductwork but with products like humidifiers and advanced filters for AC and heating units, Carrier is able to effectively capture and kill airborne pollutants in your home.

Technological Integration: Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the way Carrier makes their products is their ability to keep up with the times and integrate modern technology form other industries into their HVAC products. Their Cor Wi-Fi Thermostats are a testament to their dedication to use technology to make home heating and cooling more precise and easy.

You can actually control your entire Carrier system with your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are. These digitized and fine-tuned controls saved homeowners an average of 20% on their energy bills when compared to non-programmable thermostats.

The Products That Are Changing Residential HVAC

The Infinity series air conditioners hold SEER ratings of up to 21. The Infinity 21 model delivers maximum efficiency (21 SEER rating) while operating at just 65 decibels offering your home great efficiency and savings as well as convenient, near-soundless operation.

The Performance lineup of air conditioners also offers high SEER ratings and great annual savings but in a more compact and affordable package. The Performance 17 AC for example offers a SEER rating of 17 and is much more affordable than comparable units form other companies.

The Infinity Series Gas Furnaces are also pushing the boundaries of what we thought was the ceiling for heat conversion ability. With their Infinity 98 gas furnace clocking in at an amazing AFUE of 98.5%, you are able to convert almost all the energy consumed by your Carrier furnace into usable heat for your home. Almost nothing is wasted.

When You Are ready to Change the Way You Heat and Cool Your Home With Carrier

Upgrading your current HVAC system with a high-efficiecny, EnergyStar certified Carrier product is very easy when you come to us. First of all, we carry a wide array of Carrier cooling and heating systems so you can get exactly what you need for your residential property when you shop with us.

In addition to the great factory warranties that Carrier provides, we backup all our labour and installation services with our own guaranteed warranties.

You can get a free quote for the products you are interested by calling us or filling out the online quote form right here on our site. We offer flexible financing and rental deals for all of the Carrier products that we carry and have the best deals in Edmonton.

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