There is no reason to endure long hot summers in Edmonton. If you still have window swamp coolers
installed in your home you should definitely consider a central air system because they are much better at cooling your home in an efficient and even manner. Central air is superior to window units in many
different ways.

The Basics

The first advantages you will encounter when consulting an HVAC contracting company like ours about
central air installation are the many installation options available. Unlike swamp coolers, central air units can be installed in a number of ways that don’t make your window and your home in general look ugly.

Secondly, you will notice that central air units are much quieter than window units. Central air condensers can be installed outdoors or out of the way like in a basement so you don’t have to put up with the nosier workings of your cooling system.

The efficiency of central air conditioning systems is also a vital advantage. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings of central air units and heat pump systems are far superior to window units with the best units perform at a SEER rating of 19.5 which will save you an average of 59% on your energy bill.

These are just the beginning of what is to enjoy about central air units which add value to your home, are much more effective at keeping your home cool and providing even cooling to every room in your home no matter how many rooms there are in it or what its floor plan may be like. Quality HVAC technicians like ours will be able to offer a consultation and free quote to you to help you determine which type of central air unit would work best for your residential needs.

The SEER Superiority Factor

You may be asking yourself what exactly is a SEER ratio rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy
Efficiency Ratio and the SEER ratio ratings are a measurement of how efficient a central air unit is.
Typically, a central air unit will range between 13 and 23. The top SEER rated units cost on average only $164 annually to operate while less efficient units can cost you a whopping $320 a year to run. As of 2006, AC units must have a rating of 14 or higher to be considered high-efficiency.

Why You Should Go With Top SEER Rated AC Units

Aside from the obvious economic benefits that come with purchasing a high SEER rated AC unit, you
should also consider the following:

  • Global Impact – Less amounts of energy wasted while operating your central air unit equal less
    greenhouse gas emissions which is great for the environment at large.
  • Less Humidity – Modern high-efficiency units are very effective at removing moisture from the
    internal air in your home.
  • Air Quality – The latest AC units from the top manufacturers can come equipped with high-tech.

Air filters that actually eliminate allergens and irritants form the air you breathe inside your home
which makes top SEER rated systems a must for those with sensitive allergies.

The Perfect Brand For Your Needs

No matter what you are most concerned about regarding your home AC unit we have the brand and the
model that will meet your needs completely. We also offer free and easy quotes for installation services. Take a look at just some of our top brands:

American Standard – If reliability is what you are looking for you should know that American Standard has been making heating and cooling system for over 130 years.

Amana – One of the best incentives for purchasing Amana products is their great standard warranties at no extra cost, Amana products come with parts warranties that encompass more than their competition.

Goodman Goodman is the ideal brand if you are concerned with overall value. All of their products offer great reliability, warranty plans and deliver high-efficiency.

Work With Us

When you are looking to replace your old AC unit with a newer high-efficiency EnergyStar certified
cooling system we are the company to turn to. Our installation costs in Edmonton cannot be beat and all of our technicians are fully licensed and certified. We also offer great warranty plans on the work we do so you can rest easy knowing that you are covered no matter what happens with your AC. We offer overall unbeatable value so call us for a free quote today!

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