How Heat Pumps and Ductless Mini-Split Systems Can Work For Your Edmonton Home

Here is What You Stand to Gain With Ductless Systems

Thanks to their smaller size and versatility when it comes to placement and installation options, heat pumps and ductless mini split systems can work in a wide variety of homes so no matter whether you live in a house, condo, studio or apartment, you can utilize the great advantages of ductless and mini split AC systems. Ductless systems are also highly-efficient since there is no risk of losing any cooling power in the ductwork of your home.

  1. Savings – While factors like usage frequency and home size are always to be considered when factoring the annual savings of ductless and mini split cooling systems in comparison to traditional units, it is safe to expect an amazing 50% savings on your utility bills with these highly-efficient systems.
  2. Enhanced Comfort – Because ductless systems are placed directly in individual rooms and interior spaces, they are able to deliver cool air in a more direct fashion which means a higher level of comfort within your home when the temperature begins to rise outside.
  3. Convenience – With just one outdoor unit installed on your property you can have up to 4 ductless coolers to handle for different zones or rooms of your home.

The customizable nature of ductless and mini split systems is usually what draw consumers to them especially those that live in multi-family housing structures like apartments and condos. Still, the advantages of these systems stretch far beyond initial draw and purchase. With long-term reliability, ease of installation and relative affordability, ductless and mini split AC systems can be the perfect complement to your Edmonton home and we can give you a free quote for installation right now!

The Essential Features of Heat Pumps and Ductless Mini Split Systems

There are several features of the operation of heat pumps and ductless mini splits that make them ideal for residential use and here are just a few of them:

Efficiency – What makes heat pumps and ductless systems so much more efficient than window or even central units is that they only consume the minimal amount of electricity required for your cooling needs. Without having to turn these systems on and off, they can effectively regulate the temperature based on your settings which saves vast amounts of electricity.

Custom Installation – Unlike other types of cooling systems, heat pumps and mini splits can be installed in a variety of ways. They can be hung from a ceiling, mounted flush onto a wall or drop ceiling and there are even free-standing units available. If you care about the interior design and flow of your home you can’t beat a mini split.

Remote Control – Many of the heat pumps and ductless systems we carry can be controlled via remote which makes for total comfort, ease of use and convenience. Furthermore, as the name implies, ductless air cooling systems have no ducts, there is no need for invasive duct installation or cleaning maintenance down the line. Did you know that up to 30% of the energy used to cool your home can be lost in ductwork transmission? These are issues that you don’t have to deal with when you buy a ductless system. You can get a free quote for your installation by calling us or filling out the form right here on our site.

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