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How Your Home Life Can Be Improved With Garage Heaters

If you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time in your garage or workshop, a high-efficiency garage heater may be a good idea for you. There are infrared garage heaters, propane garage heaters and ventless units and we will discuss how each of these can work for your particular needs.

What Each Type of Garage Heater Can Do For You

We carry the best heating & cooling systems and only the most efficient garage heaters but there are many options
available for you. The following list will help you sort through the options by highlighting the
distinct advantages of each kind of unit.

    1. Be Specific About Your Heat With Infrared Heaters – Instead of heating a whole space like the other kinds of garage heaters available to consumers, infrared heating systems are unique in that they heat certain objects or small amounts of space instead of an entire room. This option is ideal for those who only need a certain spot of their garage heated.
    2. Save Money With Propane Heaters – Propane garage heaters are the most cost-effective choice to keep your garage warm. Propane garage heaters are also very adept at keeping the entire garage warm instead of just one area. Be sure to calculate the square footage of your garage, insulation and the BTU output of a propane heater before making a purchase. We can price the propane heaters we carry for you over the phone and help point you in the right direction.
    3. Enjoy Reliable Heating With A Forced Air Unit – Forced air garage heating systems are very popular among consumers because they tend to offer the most reliable heating. They collect air from return ducts in your home and heat it to distribute the recycled warm air into your garage or workspace.

Why Choose A Garage Heater?

  • Efficiency – High quality garage heaters have a very efficient BTU input/output ratio
    which means that they will waste very little fuel in the transfer process.
  • Reliability – Another reason why many people opt for a garage heater is because the top brands are highly reliable. A good garage heater can last for many years and beyond with the proper maintenance and care. We offer full warranties on the products we carry and guarantee our installation work.
  • Quick Heating – Cold climates like the ones in Edmonton demand instantaneous heating. With forced air gas powered garage heaters, there is no lag time for heating like there is with electrical fired units.
  • Convenience – If you already have a central heating or cooling system you will not have to worry about installing a garage heater to complement it. Forced air garage heaters can work in tandem with central and vacuum units.
  • Safety – Carbon monoxide is not something you have to worry about with our gas powered garage heaters. All of our products are made by the most reputable manufacturers that adhere to very strict safety standards.

The Brands We Offer

Lennox – Lennox offers models that can be vented through the wall instead of your roof which may be more convenient for you depending on the layout of your garage.
Dornback – Dornback garage heaters are known for coming with comprehensive warranties.
Heatstor – This brand offers low profile garage heaters so you don’t have to deal with a lot of your overhead space being intruded upon. Their models hang high in the ceiling of your garage for maximum space efficiency.
Sterling – The Garage Guy model produced by this company features a stainless steel burner box that offers the ultimate in longevity and durability.

No matter what brand you decide works best for you, you will be happy to know that we offer free quotes on installation on all the garage heaters we carry.

You Should Know That We Offer

Great Warranties: In addition to the full factory warranties (which are usually about 10 years) we offer 1-year labour warranties on all the work we do.

Great Value – The prices that we offer for top-quality garage heaters are some of the best you will find in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Flexible Financing Options – Whether you are ready to pay for your garage heater in full upfront or opt for a rent to own financing option, we have you covered.

You can give us a call right now for a free installation quote on all the incredible garage heaters we have in stock. Also, check out our fast and easy online quote form!

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