Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck With Goodman

Goodman home HVAC products are very affordable when compared to other manufacturers but their price is no indication of the quality of their residential heating and cooling systems. Goodman is a unique company in that they have found other avenues to offer their quality products at low prices. They do not make affordable AC’s and furnaces by making a poor quality product. We will go over the ways that Goodman has kept the quality of their HVAC systems as high as other companies for much lower prices in the following article.

Goodman was founded by Harold Goodman who worked as an air conditioning contractor for most of his career. His goal was to provide a superior product for a price that real people could afford and it began with the Warranty Program. Every residential HVAC system is backed up by the standard limited Goodman warranty which covers all functional parts on the unit.

Goodman also offers specialized warranties on the components of HVAC systems that take the most wear and tear like compressors. They offer 10 year parts and unit replacement warranties as well as lifetime warranties on their compressors and heat exchangers.

How does the warranty program save you money?

The better the warranty the less you will have to worry about (and pay for) repair issues. Another way Goodman products end up being a great value is the design of their products which makes for simple and easy installation.

By making their HVAC products simple for contractors to install, Goodman can help homeowners save money on installation costs. Goodman specifically designs their units so that contractors such as ourselves can offer a lower price for the work.

Finally, Goodman ensures the value of their products by creating products that are highly-efficient. With an affordable Goodman AC unit for example, you can enjoy the savings of an 18 SEER rated air conditioner for a much lower price than other companies. Upgrading your old AC unit can save you up to 45% every year on your energy bill.

Products Offered by Goodman

Goodman is also a company known for offering a wide variety of products so no matter what your heating or cooling needs are, Goodman has you covered. The following is a brief overview of the HVAC products Goodman makes:

  • Ductless Systems – Ductless systems are advantageous in many ways. They are easy to install and they are ideal for heating or cooling a smaller enclosed area like a garage. The 19 Series is a wall mounted ductless system that operates at a SEER rated 19 level of efficiency at 9.0 Horse power.
  • Air Conditioners – Goodman is known for their reliable central air conditioning units and are ideal for residential properties in Edmonton. Their flagship DSXC model features chlorine-free refrigerant, a two speed condenser fan designed to operate quietly, diagnostic indicator lights and much more.
  • Gas Furnaces – The lineup of gas furnaces manufactured by Goodman are capable of saving you money on your heating bills while delivering as much heat as your home needs. Their family of variable speed furnaces is far superior to single stage furnaces that operate at max capacity at all times. The GMVM 97 Modulating Variable-Speed ECM Gas Furnace can deliver up to 98% AFUE performance, features a heavy-duty heat exchanger, an electric control board for diagnostics, multiple fan options and of course comes with one of the industry’s best warranties.

We would not carry any product or brand that we were not certain offered the best value to our customers and Goodman is one of the most popular brands among consumers looking for the best deal. You can call us for a free quote on any of the aforementioned products and more.

We Can Save You Even More Money

Thanks to our flexible financing options and our everyday low prices, we are able to save you money on top of the affordability of Goodman products. For example if you wish to spread payments over a period of time rather than paying for your Goodman product all at once, we offer financing terms of up to 15 years.

You can also take advantage of our smart rental program which comes with free installation and 24/7 customer support.

Finally, we can help you save the maximum amount of money by making sure you pay only for a product you will need. Rely on our HVAC expertise to make an analysis of your home’s heating and cooling needs to help you choose a product that will keep your property at a comfortable temperature for the right price. Call us for a free quote today!

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