GSW: Canada’s Number One Choice for Water Heaters

GSW has proven itself to the Canadian market by producing some of the safest and most efficient water heaters and gas appliances available. They create gas and electric water heaters so that people can have more choices. GSW is a company that recognizes that every home is different and that the needs of their clientele base are diverse. That is why they continue to produce high quality water heaters of all sizes and styles.

If you feel that your water heating needs are very specific, we would love to talk to you about the high-efficiency GSW products we carry. GSW has endeared itself to Canadians for very good reasons. Some of which being:

Superior Energy Responsibility – GSW is one of the pioneers when it comes to electric water heaters and their bottom-entry models are the proof. In fact, their electric water heaters featuring the bottom-entry designed have been recognized by Natural Resources Canada for their unparalleled capability for efficient water usage.

Safe Operation – The patented Flame Guard and Flame Safe system integrated into all of GSW’s gas heaters offer the utmost in fire-prevention. These systems and the products they are included in are some of the safest products on the market when it comes to gas appliances. Dangerous flammable vapour ignition is successfully negated with the use of GSW gas powered appliances.

GSW Gives You Options – There are a lot of gas and electric appliance manufacturers out there that really only specialize in one or two types of appliances but GSW runs the gamut of products to give Canadians more options. If you are looking for the utmost in efficiency, their condensing tankless water heaters are definitely the way to go. But if you are more inclined to use natural gas or propane to power your water heater, you will find a wealth of options to choose from when you shop GSW.

If you live in the Edmonton area or any of the surrounding cities and are interested in GSW products, know that you can call our number and get a free direct quote over the phone. You can also fill out our fast and easy quote form right here on our website to get accurate pricing information.

The Products That Have Made GSW A Favourite in Canada

With a variety of award-winning gas and electric home appliances to their credit, GSW products can be found in homes all across Canada. Here are just a few of the essential appliances that they manufacture:

The GSWT-540H Tankless Water Heater – GSW recognized the need for more efficient use of water in Canadian homes so they designed their flagship tankless water heater, the GSWT-540H, to deliver the most efficiency possible. Their condensers provide an EF (Energy Factor) rating of 0.95- the highest possible rating. The entire GSWT series feature internal freeze protection technology as well.

Their Power Direct Vent Gas Water Heaters come equipped with internal, high-tech gas control for precision heating and maximum energy-efficiency. They are all EnergyStar certified and feature an ultra-quiet blower, making them the quietest direct vented water heaters in the industry. GSW also produces atmospheric vent water heaters as well.

GSW’s line of Residential Electric Water Heaters comes in all different sizes and styles. You can choose from top or side entry designs, standard or space saver designs. They feature automatic element control, corrosion proof materials and are CSA certified.

Whether you are looking for maximum efficiency, have a limited amount of space to install a water heater or have a large house that you need to supply with consistent hot water, you can always count on GSW for a superior product. We do not install any brand of product that we would not use in our own homes and we stand by GSW products with extended warranties on labour and installation.

If you choose to buy your GSW water heater from us you can also save a ton of money. For example, our rental program comes with free installation and a very reasonable monthly rental fee. You can also choose to buy out of the rental program at a pro-rated price at any time. There are no contracts.

We also guarantee all of our installations which is essential when you are choosing a contractor to work with. Please get in touch with us for a free quote.

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