Heil Is An Excellent Choice When Quality Matters to You For Your HVAC System

There is no compromising when you choose a Heil product to cool or heat your Edmonton home. First off, you can rely on their 100 years of HVAC manufacturing expertise to deliver a fantastic product that will continue to serve you long into the future.

Secondly, Heil has a rigorous testing process in place for everything they make which makes them one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry.

They are also a part of the UTC Climate, Controls & Security which provides the most innovative and cutting-edge HVAC and refrigeration products to the most demanding industries in the world. Simply put, you can trust a Heil product to perform at an optimal level for as long as you own one.

What Makes Heil Products So Special?

Quality of build is the first thing you will notice about Heil furnaces, heaters, heat pumps and air conditioners. They are made from the highest grade materials available and feature a design that is made to stand up to the elements. After all, unless you are purchasing a ductless HVAC system, your unit will more than likely installed in an outdoor area.

The QuietComfort line of Heil AC’s for example has a tight wire grille and secure corner posts to protect it from debris and the elements.

Energy-Efficiency is another indispensable feature of Heil’s family of products. With the higher end AC units providing 19 SEER rating efficiency levels, a Heil AC is good for the environment and your wallet. Many Heil AC’s are ENERGY STAR certified as well so you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a tested and true system.

Reliability Quite simply, Heil products are built to last. When you buy a Heil AC or furnace you are making a purchase for life. Apart from solid design, corrosion resistance and other hardware features, Heil products come with 10-year hassle-free replacement warranties (limited) and 10-year parts limited warranties.

The QuietComfort Deluxe 98 Gas Furnace for example also comes with a life time heat exchanger warranty so you will not have to worry about the most crucial part of your furnace giving out on you or the repair costs associated with such failures.

Furnaces and ACs

There are some companies that only make furnaces with an AFUE percentage of 90% or lower and AC units with SEER ratings of 18 but the quality of Heil products offers premium efficiency on all fronts. Here is a brief overview of some of the HVAC products they offer:

The QuietComfort Deluxe 96 Gas Furnace operates at an AFUE percentage of 96.5% which means that less than 4% of the power used by your Heil furnace is being lost in the heat transference process. It is a two-stage furnace which means that it does not operate at 100% at all times which means you will save even more money on your utilities.

The QuietComfort Deluxe 17 Two-Stage Central Air Conditioner is a premium central AC unit that is very affordable. It has a SEER rating of 17, operates as a dual-stage air conditioner and runs very quietly (70 decibels).

The Performance 16 Central Air Conditioner is perfect if you prefer a single stage AC that operates at maximum capacity at all times. While it is less efficient than the QuietComfort series (up to 16 SEER rating) it is more affordable and offers the same cooling power. Of course, these are just a few of the products that Heil offers and if you would like to learn more or get a price quote for any of the models listed above, feel free to call us and get all the information you need.

Find Quality Deals To Match Heil Quality Products

In Edmonton you are not going to find more personalised options for ownership or rental of energy-efficient, long-lasting Heil products than you will with us. All of our financing options are hassle-free and easy to understand. You don’t even need good credit to be approved.

Our certified technicians are also at your service to field your questions and to provide you with expert installation and repair service. Our goal is to match the quality of the Heil products we carry with our services and our customers benefit from our efforts. Talk to us today!

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