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The Right Furnace for Your Edmonton Home

Quite simply, the right furnace for any home is a modern furnace. If your furnace is over 8 years old you are definitely wasting money on your utility bills. A new furnace will help you save money because they are energy-efficient, run much quieter than older models and can be very affordable which makes them a great investment for a homeowner.

Benefits of Modern Furnaces

  • Save Money – A new furnace can help reduce your gas bill by as much as 45%. Also, if you work with a company like ours which is certified for government rebates, you may very well qualify for a government rebate of up to $650 for EnergyStar certified heating systems and high-efficiency furnaces.
  • Help the Environment – If you are conscious of your carbon footprint you will definitely want to do business with us. We carry the latest models of the best brands in eco-friendly furnaces and our installation technicians are well-versed with the most effective and efficient installation techniques. You can call us any time for a free quote on a new eco-friendly heating system.
  • Add Value to Your Home – Did you know that installing a high-efficiency furnace into your home can actually boost its resale value? It’s true and many homeowners in Edmonton have made smart investments into their home by hiring us to install their new furnaces.

You should consider upgrading your current furnace if it is 8 years old or older and you should always opt for a high-efficiency replacement like the ones we carry. You can get started right now with a fast and easy quote.

How it All Works

Now that you know about some of the benefits that high-efficiency heating systems hold for your residence, you may want to know how they are able to bring so much to the table.

BTU Output – BTU output is essentially the level of strength of a furnace. This is important to consider carefully as too high a BTU output means that your furnace will turn on and off too frequently which wastes a lot of power. On the other hand, too low a BTU output will cause a furnace to run non-stop which means higher utility costs.

AFUE Rating – AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. Your AFUE measures the percentage of fuel being transformed into heat by your furnace every year. New furnaces can use up to an amazing 98% of the fuel they intake to heat your home while older models may be wasting more than half of your fuel.

Quality Installation – In order to reap the benefits of modern furnaces, you must work with a fully certified and experienced installation contractor. Installation is more important than brand selection when it comes to propane and natural gas furnaces so make sure you work with a contractor like us who guarantees their work, offers warranties and has lots of experience. See here for a general guideline on furnace prices in Edmonton (note for a more accurate price, you will need to request a free quote).

How You Can Get Started

It really is easier than you think to start enjoying the great benefits of high-efficiency, EnergyStar-certified furnaces in your Edmonton home.

  • Step 1: A Free Quote – We offer free quotes over the phone or you can fill out a quote form right here on our website. This will give you a very accurate idea of how much your new furnace and installation will cost you.
  • Step 2: Choose A Great Brand – We carry all the best and most trusted brands like Goodman; a trusted choice for Canadian homes for many decades, American Standard; a brand that offers some of the best warranties on the market or Trane; well-known for their reliability and efficient output.
  • Step 3: Schedule an Installation With Us – Our certified technicians are ready to come out to your home and offer a consultation because every home is different and we know that knowing the heating needs of your home is crucial to a successful installation.

More About Us

In addition to knowing energy-efficient heating systems through and through and working with the best products on the market, you will also be glad to know that we offer comprehensive 1-year warranties on all of our labour and services. We also offer easy term financing that can be built around your specific budget. If you don’t want to pay the entire cost of your furnace and installation upfront you don’t have to. Our financing makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to a new system.

Finally, we are all about giving you the most bang for your buck and helping you choose the right furnace for your Edmonton home.

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