Achieving Total Comfort With A KeepRite HVAC System

KeepRite is a company that stays ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and user interface. Their residential cooling and heating systems are designed specifically to give you as much control as you want over the comfort and temperature of your home. This includes a lot more than just regulating temperature.

How KeepRite HVAC Systems Work

The great thing about KeepRite systems is that they can work in tandem with the system you already have in place. Our technicians are available to take a look at the AC unit or heating system installed in your Edmonton home and to fill you in on how it can be supplemented and enhanced with KeepRite products.

If you are looking to completely replace your current HVAC system, we can help you there too. It all starts with a free quote that you can get over the phone or on our site but here is some basic information about the KeepRite system.

Breathe Better – Air quality is a huge part of remaining comfortable and healthy in your home and Keeprite understands this concept very well. The air inside your home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside but with KeepRite advanced air filters and handlers, you can have 100% of the air that flows through your house treated, eliminating dander, bacteria and allergens.

Dehumidify – The multi-stage technology integrated into KeepRite heat pumps and air conditioning systems effectively pull moisture out of the air giving you more control over the air in your home.

Quiet Operation – In addition to being designed specifically for low decibel operation, KeepRite products also include sound-barrier technology to further protect your home space from loud and obnoxious noise.

Customization – The Observer smart thermostat system allows you control the temperature in up to six zones (or rooms in your home). You can have one room at a warmer temperature while keeping the room right next to it significantly cooler.

Convenient Control – KeepRite and Observor systems allow you to control your thermostat accurately and remotely. You can use the small, wireless control remotes that comes with the Observer system or you can control the temperature of your entire home with a Wi-Fi enabled device.

Multi-Day Programming – You are not limited to one cooling or heating setting with KeepRite. In tandem with an Observer thermostat you can set different temperature setting for every day of the week.

Variable Speed Fans – Variable speed fans that are included in KeepRite HVAC products are much more efficient at maintaining a consistent temperature in your home.

Products Offered By KeepRite

  • Ductless Systems – The ProComfort Deluxe A High Wall Ductless System is EnergyStar certified and offers up to an amazing 30.5 SEER rating! They also install very easily and have an output capacity of 10.3 Horse power.
  • Heat Pumps – KeepRite produces the ProComfort Deluxe 19 Two-Stage Heat Pump which features a two-stage compressor. The compressor makes for very efficient and very quiet cooling for your home.
  • Gas Furnaces – There are few companies that offer furnaces with higher AFUE ratings than the ProComfort Deluxe 98 Gas Furnace. This model uses 98% of the energy fed to it and converts it into heat. It is also EnergyStar certified and comes with a comprehensive 10-year factory warranty.

If you do not see the product you need listed above please give us a call for a full rundown of the KeepRite products we supply and the services we offer.

Have Your New KeepRite System Professionally Installed

There is no other HVAC service more qualified than ours to install your brand new KeepRite HVAC system. We have the experienced, certified technicians needed to perform high-grade installation. In addition, we stand by all of our installations with labour warranties.

You will also be happy to know that we have some of the best process for full KeepRite HVAC systems in Edmonton. If you have good credit, you can take advantage from our zero percent financing options but if your credit isn’t so good, you are guaranteed to be approved so long as you are a homeowner.

You can find out for yourself just how affordable we make it for homeowners to reap the benefits of an advanced KeepRite HVAC cooling or heating system by giving us a call and requesting your very own free quote.

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