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The great thing about having worked in Sherwood Park in the past and continuing to service its numerous residents is the diversity and all the great people we have met over the years. We have many regular customers in the Sherwood Park area from Yellowhead Highway to Wye Road because we offer the best deals, incredible warranties and flexible payment options on HVAC services and products.

We know first-hand that a major draw of Sherwood park and all of its wonderful communities is that it offers a retreat from the urban lifestyle of Edmonton but without being too far from it. Our services are perfect for those people who want the best of both worlds because we offer highly- efficient products that are still capable of sufficient warming and cooling for your home.

Heating & Cooling for Your Sherwood Park Home

We are a professional HVAC service company and are certified to help you upgrade or service your commercial or residential heating, cooling and ventilation system. You can take a look at the following list to get a better idea of what we can do for you:

  • Furnace, AC, Hot Water Heater Installation – We take great care when installing a new furnace or AC because we know that installation is accounts for 60% of appliance reliability and longevity with brand name accounting for only 40%. Furthermore, we offer a rental program that comes with free installation of these appliances to help you save even more money. Find more info about our heating products, services and latest updates.
  • HVAC Repair – Are you hearing strange noises form your furnace or is your AC not cooling your home evenly any more? These may be signs that you are in need of repairs or at least maintenance services. You can call on us to get a free quote for your repair needs and all you need is the basic information about the unit.
  • BBQ Conversions – If you are ready to make the switch from propane tanks to cleaner burning, supremely convenient and more affordable natural gas to power your grill, you will be pleased to know that we are fully licensed for natural gas BBQ conversions.

Of course, these are only a few of the services we offer in Sherwood Park. If you need a price quote or some advice as to which product would be a good fit for your home, all you have to do is talk to one of our friendly staff members.

Serving Sherwood Park & Surrounding Area

It has been a great pleasure to work in the homes of the various communities of Sherwood Park. We regularly service:

  • Craigavon
  • Charlton Heights
  • Foxhaven
  • Glen Allan
  • Griffon Industrial Park
  • Lakeland Village
  • Emerald Hills Centre
  • Akenside
  • Bison Meadows
  • Broadview Park

You can call on us if you love in these neighbourhoods or any other part of the Refinery Row area.

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