Why Trane is A Solid Choice for Heating or Cooling in the Edmonton Area

The Trane company has been around for over a hundred years and what has distinguished them in all that time is their ability to innovate and to show consumers and the industry something that they never though was possible. Trane was among the first manufacturers to make things like large building cooling and HVAC automation possible in commercial and residential settings. Today, they stand as one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers of HVAC appliances in the industry.

4 Trane Products That You Should Know About

1. The XV20i Variable Speed Air Conditioner – If you are looking for the maximum in power and efficiency, this model would be a great fit for you. It is EnergyStar certified, carries a SEER rating of 21 and operates at a nominal noise level of 55 which is as quiet as it gets. It is an incredibly intuitive central air unit as it runs at exactly the capacity needed to keep your home at the temperature of your choosing because the fans operate at varying speeds as does the BTU output.

2. The XL20i Air Conditioner – The XL20i offers all the great efficiency perks of the XV20i with a SEER rating of 20.00 but with another added perk. It comes equipped with patented Comfort-R technology which enhances airflow and allows you to control the humidity in your interior air supply.

3. The XC95m Furnace – With a AFUE rating of 97.3%, the XC95m Furnace is the most efficient furnace in the Trane product family. It has a solid stainless steel design which gives it maximum longevity and reliability.

4. The XB 90 Gas Furnace – Your wallet will thank you when you purchase a fine XB90 single stage gas furnace. It is one of the most efficient single stage forced air gas furnace on the market and while it is much more affordable than other furnaces, it is still capable of 90% AFUE efficiency.

If you are intrigued by any of these Trane HVAC products and would like to calculate the cost of buying and having one installed in your Edmonton home, we will be glad to help. We offer free quotes and can offer more information about these and all the Trane products we carry so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

How You Can Take Advantage of the Great Lineup of Trane Products

Know that you have a feel for what Trane is able to provide you as a homeowner and a conscientious consumer it is time to learn how you can fit one of their products into your budget. Please take a look at the following options we make available to you.

  • Financing – If you are not ready to pay for your unit all at once you should definitely take advantage of our flexible financing options. We have zero% interest financing for those with good credit and as long as you are a homeowner we guarantee that you will be approved for one of our term financing plans.
  • Quality Installation – Most people are not aware that the manner of HVAC installation accounts for 60% of the performance of any unit whether it be for heating or cooling. Our company employs no one but experienced, certified HVAC technicians and we guarantee all of our installation work. With a quality Trane product and our masterful installation methods, you are guaranteed the best value and years of reliable cooling and heating.


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We are very proud to be an authorized Trane dealer and installation service and we would be happy to field any of your questions regarding our comprehensive warranties, pricing, product information, financing options installation options, rental options and much more. Our customers know us to be the best value in HVAC products from Trane and HVAC services so please get a hold of us very soon.

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